Unsweetened Serial. “Zodiac” Reviewed.

Gyllenhaal & Sevigny (Zodiac), Burke (Bundy)

This weekend the Gill Man emerged from the grotto for a change and actually made it OUT to a first-run matinee. I’m still not 100% positive that I made the right choice between a serial killer and Christina Ricci’s bared boobs in “Black Snake Moan,” but no regrets. Besides; nude scenes in movies I don’t plan on seeing (“Prozac Nation?”)…that’s what YouTube is for.

ZODIAC (2007)
David Fincher constructs a talky, but effectively creepy, true-crime flick that closely examines the ups and downs of the long but sporadic investigation into the California crime spree of the Zodiac killer. The fact that the mystery remains unsolved is less damning than you may think for a serial-killer flick. An ensemble that includes Jake Gyllenhaal (a driven political cartoonist turned sleuth), Robert Downey Jr. (the Sanfran crime reporter covering the story) and the always welcome Chloe Sevigny (as Gyllenhall’s long-suffering, patient-to-a-point wife) wring effective drama out of a very dialogue-heavy script. The Gill Man’s favorite perf, however, comes courtesy of a small but pivotal roll played by Charles “voice-of-Roger-Rabbit” Fleischer. The attention to period detail is impressive as are the two primary kill scenes. Action fans and gore hounds may be disappointed but true crime fans are sure to have their buttons pushed.
*** – Gill Man Recommended

Related Serial Killer Fun!:
TED BUNDY (2002)
Matthew (“Freeway”) Bright takes comedy to new heights, er depths? His “fictionalized” account of the life and kills of Ted Bundy sticks surprisingly close to the facts, changing only names. Only Bright would have the balls to inject dark comedy into this perverse little gem. Disturbing and wrong as it is, it works for me. We spend so much time with the Bundy character that we have no choice but to identify with him when other primary characters fail to surface. Little known Michael Reilly Burke doesn’t look like Bundy, but his performance is top shelf. It’s a shame that he’ll probably never get the recognition he should for this performance. Bundy makes his girlfriend play dead during sex. There’s a musical montage of Bundy killing and cavorting in the woods with co-ed corpses. The kill scenes are jarring and hard to watch, but it’s the finale of Bundy’s execution that is this film’s truly sadistic piece d’resistance. Not everyone’s cup of tea but high marks here for sheer audacity and creativity in a dead genre. When was the last time YOU saw a good serial killer movie?
*** – Gill Man Recommended

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