“Teenagers from Outer Space” Reviewed

Teenagers from Outer Space

Pity young alien, Derek. He’s the only sensitive bleeding-heart peace-nic from his planet. When he and some other “teenagers” (surely stretching toward their 30s) land on Earth to scope it out for world supremecy Derek makes a “why-can’t-we-all-just-get-along” plea that his colleagues snub. They’re gonna set loose an army of “Gargons” which are really just giant lobsters…make that just the shadows of normal-size lobsters poorly superimposed over the action. Derek abandons his thick-headed traveling companions, gets a boarding room (for free no less) in the home of a kindly old man and Betty, his 50s-sorta-hot teen granddaughter. The two starry-eyed kids warm quickly to one another, but there’s trouble in paradise: Derek is being pursued by one of his increasingly cranky cohorts (Thor?!) armed with a laser gun that reduces (several innocent) people into perfect anatomy lab skeletons in a flash! Naturally, it all plays out with plenty of laugh-out-loud unintentional hilarity. Having said that, TfO has the weird distinction of being poorly made but compelling in a way that’s hard to explain. Despite the shoestring effects and wooden acting (except for Betty — she’s a doll.) its story makes it surprisingly engaging. Adding to its appeal is that it totes a pretty heavy-handed anti-war agenda that’s surprising for its time. It’s one of my favorite examples of this period’s sci-fi cheapies and a must for fans of 50s drive-in fare.
**** – Gill Man Highly Recommended

~ by Number5ive on March 21, 2007.

One Response to ““Teenagers from Outer Space” Reviewed”

  1. GodDAMN that’s a good show!!!

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