Watch “Veronica Mars” or Lose Me Forever

Save Ferris! the clock tower! Veronica Mars!

Earlier this week it was announced that the CW will be making its decision about the fate of Veronica Mars soon. The last episodes of season 3 will be stand-alone mysteries which will make it easy for anyone not acquainted to jump in with ease — as easy as jumping into say, an episode of CSI. The season-long mystery arcs, though my favorite component of the show’s writing, was abandoned at the beginning of this season in favor of smaller mystery arcs. It was an attempt to make it easier for new watchers to get acquainted. But alas, VM still can’t hold on to its lead in, The Gilmore Girl‘s, audience. Independent episodic mysteries-of-the-week are a last-ditch effort to draw viewers but I must admit — I’m losing hope. It’s just a fact that no one watches good television. They watch American Idol and 24 instead. If not for The Office‘s cult base I’d probably lose hope in humanity all together.

But this isn’t even the most interesting news. What’s really raising my eyebrows is that Rob Thomas (VM‘s creator — NOT the Matchbox 20 guy) is shooting a 5-minute short pitch for a new incarnation of the show that abandons all current characters but V and takes place 3 years in the future by which time Veronica is an FBI agent(!). An interesting idea, and because it sounds like this concept will fall, at least partially, under the “investigative procedural drama” VM would have a better chance of survival. Because, well CSI and Law & Order (and their respective spin-offs) have pretty much made this obvious. It’s a sharp idea for dodging VM‘s failure to draw an audience, but I’m skeptical as to how an FBI procedural fits with other CW programming. Actually, I have a friend who crunches ratings numbers for Time Warner that pointed this out to me — and I agree. America’s Next Top Model followed by a crime drama? Does that work?

Anyway, as I’ve read on several fan sites, the next few weeks will be crucial for the survival of my favorite show (of all time?! — well, running neck-n-neck with Six Feet Under and Arrested Development anyway). The industrious folks at have started a pretty nifty flyer campaign that they intend to circulate on the streets of major cities. The flyer sells the show far better than any efforts I’ve seen from the CW’s marketing department, who’ve spent the entire season pitching the romance/relationship elements of the show to the teen girls its other shows pull in. It makes a good case for the show’s quality without pandering. You can download a HQ PDF of the flyer (the image below) here.

Will I be doing my part circulating flyers? Probably not, but I appreciate the efforts of others, and feel confident I’ve done my part by drawing at least 5 or 6 new fans into the fold.

Anyway — watch Veronica Mars when it returns and spread the word to friends and family. I think the show’s main obstacle right now is overcoming the expectations of non-viewers who assume that it’s a drama in the Dawson’s Creek mode, crossed with old Nancy Drew books (a misconception that might actually work in its favor if the upcoming ND movie is successful with the preteen market), and dammit, that’s just not at all accurate. Think more in the vein of Buffy crossed with Monk crossed with even sharper dialogue than both of those shows. Let me just say — if you watch Nip/Tuck or Desperate Housewives or any other show that sells itself as being edgy, dark and quirky and you haven’t given VM a chance, you’re a damn idiot. Every person who’s let me introduce them to my first season DVDs has become instantly hooked — and my friends know good TV.

Though I like Monk, its mysteries have all seemed a little Matlock-y for me. VM‘s are smart and often twisted whodunits that almost always defy expectations.

There. I’ve said my peace. Here’s the flier:

Veronica Mars Flyer

OH! and check out this very effective promo from ComicCon and show it around to the non-believers. C’mon — just watch the promo. Is that too much to ask?

~ by Number5ive on March 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Watch “Veronica Mars” or Lose Me Forever”

  1. hell yes. i agree, veronica mars is AMAZING

  2. Thanks for the comment!
    Glad to hear from another VM fan. Gives me hope when I hear of someone who’s NOT in my circle of friends is watching. Cross your fingers about its fate. I’m not sure if CW has announced when it will return for the last five eps of the season. Hopefully sooner than later.

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