Goooooooo, Speed, Go!

Go Speed Go!

It was inevitable that a live-action Speed Racer movie would finally materialize. Your humble Gill Man, a huge SR fan, had wanted to write a screenplay for it for years. I did come up with a pretty tight treatment, though. Dreaming my movie-nerd dreams, I knew that a quality SR movie would retain the family-friendly spirit of the cartoon, function as a thrilling actioner, make use of the series’ primary characters and memorable villains and offer up a genesis story for the legendary Racer X.

Well, like with Rob Zombie and Halloween, I’m not sure what to make of seeing that the Wachowski brothers have been put in charge of Speed Racer. I’m not a fan of The Matrix but I can appreciate that these guys have action/fantasy credentials and a solid sense of style. Up til now, mostly indifference on my part…but then…

While buzzing around on IMDB I stumbled across some interesting info — primarily the cast list for the 2008 release. (This summer it begins production in Berlin.) I have to say, so far, so good. A relative unknown has been cast as Speed, John Goodman and Susan Sarandon have been cast as the Pops and Mom, Matthew Fox I admit is perfect for Racer X and…HOLY SHIT…Christina Ricci is Trixie! You heard it here first racing fans.

~ by Number5ive on May 2, 2007.

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