Dick Tracy (1990) Reviewed

Well-meaning and spirited big screen outing for the yellow-trenched Tracy has lots to like but things never quite click. The day-glow aesthetic of the production design and some nifty villain make-up are the highlights here. Warren Beatty is a little too smooth and chill as Tracy though he looks great in costume. Al Pacino is a hoot (and nearly unrecognizable) as villain, Big Boy Caprice. Madonna is awful as slutty nightclub singer and moll, Breathless Malone. The under-used and under-appreciated Glenne Headly is the “good girl” love interest. There’s a bouquet of veteran Hollywood tough guys acting under pounds of latex as miscellaneous side-villains. Though charming, this one’s a bonafide yawner. It was a huge disappointment during its original release, but the irritating soundtrack (probably Madonna’s worst album) wouldn’t go away.
* ½

~ by Number5ive on November 10, 2007.

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