The Terror (1965) Reviewed

"Loved you in Terms of Endearment." "Loved YOU in Mr. Wong in Chinatown."

"Loved you in Terms of Endearment." "Loved YOU in Mr. Wong in Chinatown."

THE TERROR ( 1965 )
Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson appear in this Corman quicky that was filmed on the same sets as The Raven (also starring the pair) days after it wrapped.  Karloff was still under contract so he agreed to stay on for another go-round. Numerous individuals wrote and directed The Terror, including Francis Ford Coppola, Jack Hill and Nicholson himself. Much of the writing was done on the fly during production. Nicholson stars in this one as a French soldier who’s lost his way, taking refuge in Baron Karloff’s castle which is haunted by the ghost of his young dead wife (Sandra Knight, Nicholson’s girlfriend at the time). There are few real scares but there’s definitely a curiosity appeal here and the real castle set is impressive adding an expensive gothic vibe to a low-budget lark. Johanthan Haze, who’d previously starred with Nicholson in Corman’s The Little Shop of Horrors appears, as does Corman regular, Dick Miller. For Corman, Karloff or Nicholson fans. Most others won’t be interested.

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