The Fly (1958) Reviewed

"Help meeeee!"

"Help meeeee!"

THE FLY ( 1958 )
David Hedison is a French scientist, husband and father whose bungled teleportation experiment leads to him being crossed with a housefly. Unlike Jeff Goldblum in 1986, there’s no metamorphasis. Dude just gets a new fly head and a new fly hand. To get back to 100-percent homosapien his wife, young son and brother (Vincent Price in a non-creepy role) have to locate and capture the unfortunate fly they expect to have his missing human parts. (Good luck!) Not to be dismissed as a standard-issue monster movie, The Fly brings the human drama and creates a sense of urgency, familial crisis and doom. Things end grimly and even if the last scene is an sfx punchline, it’s still pretty chilly stuff. Help meeeeeeee!…

~ by Number5ive on August 5, 2008.

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