Beyond Re-Animator (2003) Reviewed

It’s amazing that director, Stuart Gordon, managed to sustain the frantic, hilarious and horrific vibe of the first two films in this series. This second sequel finds our slightly aged, subtly sophisticated and bat-shit crazy Dr. West in jail where he (implausibly) manages to find ways to continue his experiments with his life-giving serum. By now, of course, you’d think he’d have come to terms with the fact that things always go horribly awry when he goes back to the drawing board. Teaming up with a prison MD who also happens to be the kid brother of a girl killed accidentally by one of West’s earlier “experiments”(?), the good doctor makes yet another mess of the dead, who are much more verbal this time. There’s a decent jailbreak, a resurrected hanging man and the exploding face of a prison junkie who ODs on the serum. I could have done without the bit-off tit and over-the-top, fake-looking, disembodied re-animated penis, but by now we know to expect this sort of thing. The story, more convoluted than ever, is most certainly beside the point. This Re-Animator is as gory and wacky as you’ve come to expect and the perfect cap to a solid mad-science trilogy.

~ by Number5ive on August 19, 2008.

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