Dawn of the Dead (2004) Reviewed

The first ten minutes of this kick-ass revision of the Romero classic presents us with Sarah Polley waking up to find that overnight the world has gone bat-shit crazy. She’s just barely able to escape her home, an infected boyfriend and a shattered neighborhood where little girls in pink pajamas bite your neck open and paranoid neighbors threaten you with guns. In fact, the rest of the movie has a difficult time topping what it gives us in the first course (though a few scenes with a pregnant woman come damn close). These are fast-moving zombies in the 28 Days Later… mold (running zombies = tres chic in the early 00’s) and yes, all other zombie rules apply. A group of survivors hole up in a mall like in the original George Romero classic. Ving Rhames is the world-weary cop. Polley is strong and sexy and brings an air of indie dignity to a movie with more exploding heads than I’ve seen this side of Scanners. Stick around for the nifty end credits which include an important postscript. The movie’s music cues are great and include Johnny Cash(!) and Jim Carol. Pretty scary, plenty gory and lots of fun.

~ by Number5ive on August 19, 2008.

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