Teen Wolf (1985) Reviewed

TEEN WOLF (1985)
Nineteen eighty-five was a big year for werewolf movies. Michael J. Fox made this between Midnight Madness and Back to the Future. He’s a dorky high-school basketball player who turns into a werewolf to become a better basketball player. No one seems to mind except his close friends. It’s dumb fun, though probably more so if you’d seen it at the drive-in as a kid, as I did. The jokes are sitcom caliber and it’s all played for laughs. Fox’s wolf-like “Give me…a keg…of beer” scene was the movie’s most memorable laugh line. When “wolfed out” Fox looks less like a werewolf and more like a freak-show dog boy. His best friend is named “Styles” and his best girl: “Boof.” This is the movie that introduced “urban surfin'” (dancing on top of a van as it drives through suburbia) to the world…The world didn’t notice. Familiar character actor, James Hampton, plays the dad. Unbelievably, this wrought a Saturday morning cartoon (so did Back to the Future) and an even worse sequel starring a pitiable Jason Bateman.

~ by Number5ive on August 31, 2008.

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