Teen Wolf Too (1987) Reviewed

Teen Wolf Too makes Teen Wolf look like An American Werewolf in London. Pity poor Jason Bateman as cousin to the first Teen Wolf who goes off to college in spite of the dominant family gene that causes him to inconveniently wolf out — which might be better described as “dog out” given the make-up involved. The only real difference between TW and TWT is that the “Tiger Beat” cover boy (Michael J. Fox) is swapped for a “Tiger Beat” footnote, high school is swapped for college and basketball is swapped for boxing. John Astin would do ANYthing in the 80s (see the numerous Killer Tomatoes sequel) and here he plays a scheming dean. Kim Darby plays a sympathetic science professor who is also, inexplicably, a werewolf (?!). Low points include a musical number in which Bateman “sings” (read: lip synchs) “Do You Love Me.” There’s not one solitary laugh to be found. Probably one of the worst sequels to actually get a theatrical release.

~ by Number5ive on August 31, 2008.

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