The Invasion (2007) Reviewed

In the fourth(!) adaptation of Jack Finney’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers Nicole Kidman is a psychiatrist uncovering the truth about an hostile alien takeover in the form of intergalactic bacteria. The Invasion functions more like a remake of the 1956 sci-fi classic (albiet with lead character sex role reversal) than as an adaptation with new stuff to offer. That said — it works. It’s the body snatcher plot we all know — alien’s infiltrate human society by replacing us with amazingly detailed dupes that would be hard to spot if they weren’t cold and emotionally lacking. The opening, which presents us with the mysterious crash landing of one of our space shuttles, is effectively shocking and realistic. Some of the story staples — watching them watching us — are creepy as hell and Kidman gives pro-thesp cred to some wobbly plotting (post-production reshooting and editing shows, sadly). Daniel Craig is mostly wasted as her (not-quite-a) love interest. Fans of 1978’s IotBS will recognize Veronica Cartwright who is great as one of Kidman’s patients, confused and unnerved by her “different” husband. While nicely paced and sufficiently tense, the final few minutes smack of last-minute re-shoots, re-edits and/or faulty audience test screening. It’s a huge cop-out and a disasterous disappointment to those of us who had been enjoying the ride up until then. Incidentally, these pod people don’t really come from pods — instead they puke on you and then metamorph you when you fall asleep. Nice! The Invasion is a solid entry in the sub-sub genre of “body snatcher” remakes, in spite of a lousy ending.
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~ by Number5ive on September 9, 2008.

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