Amazon Women on the Moon (1987) Reviewed

Like The Kentucky Fried Movie (to which it owes a lot), Amazon Women on the Moon is a collage of movie and TV-themed spoofs that hit more often than miss. (Incidentally, of the two, I prefer AWotM.) The entire experience is supposed to simulate late-late-show insomnia-induced channel surfing (the kind that only existed before the age of cable). Directors including Joe Dante, John Landis and…Peter Horton (?!) take turns helming segments –  the best of which include Son of the Invisible Man, a parody of classic Universal horror films, starring Ed Begley Jr. and the titular sketch which is a dead-on recreation of some of the pre-space race sci-fi films of the early 50s — particularly Cat Women on the Moon. The amazing cast includes Carrie Fisher, Roseanna Arquette, Griffin Dunn, Sybil Danning, Henry Silva, Paul Bartel, Steve Guttenburg, Dick Miller and Ralph Bellamy. Best of all are Slappy White, Steve Allen, Rip Taylor and Henny Youngman as themselves in a sequence called Roast Your Loved One in which a funeral home offers Friar-Club-style celebrations to honor your recently deceased. Naturally, these jokes work best if you have a frame of reference for the subject matter. If you’ve found this site, you’ll probably be fine.

~ by Number5ive on September 14, 2008.

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