Shoot ‘Em Up (2007) Reviewed

Paul Giamatti and Clive Owen in "Shoot 'Em Up"

Paul Giamatti and Clive Owen in "Shoot 'Em Up."

SHOOT ‘EM UP (2007)
Though it clearly was never a priority for director Michael Davis, it might have been nice to try for at least a little substance to go along with all of the flashy uber-violent style on display here. S’EU is so derivative you wonder how it can stand to look at itself in a mirror. Clive Owen, as what’s essentially the same character he played in Sin City, helps deliver a baby at a bus stop and is burdened with keeping said baby alive for the duration of the movie. There’s a lot more to it than that but it’s all very complicated and doesn’t even really matter besides. Paul Giamatti is certainly having fun as the crime boss that wants the baby dead. Monica Bellucci is the lactating hooker/love interest that’s along for the whole bloody rip roarin’ ride. There’s a presidentail election at the center of the plot but all you really need to know is that there’s lots of running, shooting, yelling, bleeding and eye-rolling dialogue that is so self-conscious and deliberately cheeky that it threatens to undermine all the fun. But there is fun to be had and the comic book aesthetic keeps reminding us that we’re practically in spoof territory. The gore is great and the action is…well…persistent but then there’s a scene where Owen continues to screw Bellucci to orgasm during a gunfight, making it very difficult to resist screaming “gimme a fucking break!”

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