A Boy and His Dog (1975) Reviewed

Don Johnson is the titular boy who travels a post-apocalyptic wasteland with his telepathically communicating dog (voiced by Tim McIntire ). In their quest to stay alive they lean on one another as they scavenge for food and shelter in a kill-or-be-killed civilization. When a beautiful girl surfaces from a subterranean city that has a very special plan for him, Johnson goes starry-eyed and recklessly begins thinking with his dick. His cynical world-weary companion is smarter than that and senses something very sinister is afoot. A decade before he’d become Sonny Crocket on Miami Vice, Johnson turns in an impressive performance, especially considering he’s acting opposite a dog. Despite the Disney-esque title, ABaHD is no kiddie fare. It’s a darkly-comedic, violent, vulgar and decidedly pessimistic glimpse into a dismal future. Its themes have aged well and it’s still as thought-provoking as it is dreary. Based on the book by Harlan Ellison.

~ by Number5ive on September 15, 2008.

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