Repo Man (1984) Reviewed

Some consider this the first movie to garner “cult” status on video after a dismal theatrical release. Emilio Estevez is Otto. He’s a punk rocker who loses his grocery clerk job after punching a co-worker in the “near future” L.A. where a scientology-like religion has infiltrated the consciousness of the miserable urban nightmare and caused his clueless parents to hand over his unused college fund to a televangelist. He stumbles into a new life in the seedy world of car repossession with Harry Dean Stanton as his cranky code-bound mentor. Otto’s adventures replace his general life frustration with a new purpose – saving humanity and his own ass. RM‘s plot throws so much into the pot (aliens, L.A. trash, religion, existentialism, rock ‘n roll, etc.) that it should never work cohesively but it totally does — beautifully. It’s equal parts dark comedy and sci-fi with a serious (and authentic-feeling) punk aesthetic that makes it look like it could have been made yesterday. Repeat viewings gels its rep as a cult classic suitable for owning. The killer soundtrack (prominently) features songs by Iggy Popp, Suicidal Tendencies, The Circle Jerks and Black Flag. Alex Cox directs and Michael “The Monkees” Nesmith is executive producer

~ by Number5ive on September 15, 2008.

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