Creepshow 2 (1987) Reviewed

One of the many unlucky people associated with "Creepshow 2."

One of the many unlucky people associated with "Creepshow 2."

CREEPSHOW 2 (1987)
Directed by the cinematographer of the first Creepshow (1982), Creepshow 2 is another EC-horror-comics-inspired anthology, but this time there are only three (very weak) stories. In the first, a wooden drugstore Indian comes to life to avenge the death of the kindly old store owners (a sadly abused George Kennedy and Dorothy Lamour). The second (and best) story has a group of unlikeable teens stranded on a raft in a pond where a hungry black slick of goo waits to devour them. The third is barely a story at all – just an extended “comic” bit concerning a hit and run driver and the persistent corpse of her victim who repeatedly taunts her with an ironic “Thanks for the ride, lady!” The weak screenplay (like Creepshow‘s) was written by George Romero based on stories by Stephen King. An unrecognizable Tom Savini plays “the Creep” in the unfunny bumper segments between stories. The original Creepshow has much more to offer. A mostly unrelated Creepshow III is a sequel in name only that went straight to video in 2006.

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