Alien Resurrection (1997) Reviewed

I think this one is under-appreciated and too often over-looked. By now the series had become a showcase for flashy directors, which makes for an interesting box set but lousy tonal continuity. This time Jean-Pierre Jeunet, partially responsible for the celebrated Frenchie faves, Delicatessen and City of Lost Children, takes the helm and shows us the real dangers of genetic engineering. Ripley, who committed suicide last we saw, is brought back as a clone of herself so that the ever-evil powers that be can harvest the queen alien that she’d been impregnated with before she died. Interestingly, there’s some mixed genetics that cause Ripley to have a few alien-like abilities and quirks. She teams up with what are essentially space pirates to rid their ship of the army of new aliens spawned from Ripley. Its a fairly clever conceit. The film is helped along by Ron Perlman’s performance as a loudmouth muscle head and some inventive effects. Weaver’s performance is off the hook too. Hokey dialogue and the performance of Winona Ryder as this installment’s token “synthetic” hurt the film. The end never really worked for me either though you get the sense everyone involved thought they had something great on their hands. It’s passable. Good even – but not that good. **1/2

~ by Number5ive on November 12, 2008.

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