Alien3 (1992) Reviewed

ALIEN3 ( 1992 )
David “Fight Club” Fincher had only done music videos up to this point, but that’s not what’s wrong here. For the next installment of the Alien franchise 20th Century Fox disregarded stacks and stacks of scripts before deciding on the one about: Ripley crash landing on a prison planet (!). More of a curiosity than anything else, this movie is bleak-bleak-bleak in tone and aesthetic. There are some good performances but inexplicably everyone is British. The worst offense is this script’s total disregard for the first sequel – it begins by telling us that Newt is dead, as if to get that whole bothersome plot point out of the way – rendering the human side of the Aliens moot. However, it does make for an effectively squirm-inducing opening. The sets make the location confusing. There are loopholes in the plot. There’s only one alien this time and in many shots, he don’t look so good. A combination between practical and unimpressive (though fairly new, to be fair) CGI effects are used and it makes for a jarringly inconsistent monster. Sigourney Weaver shaved her head for this. There’s a pretty gruesome autopsy and an alien uses a dog as a host. All of the movie’s interesting themes are left hanging about half-way in and we’re left with a movie that looks shaped by studio pressure. It gets points for trying something new and it’s worth a look, but not much fun. **

~ by Number5ive on November 12, 2008.

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