Scary Movie 3 (2004)

SCARY MOVIE 3 (2004)
David Zucker deserves props for taking one of the most inexplicably successful franchises in movie history and turning it into one of the most interesting things he’s done in years. Clumsily stringing together parodies of Signs, The Ring and 8 Mile doesn’t sound promising but there are laughs to be had. An opening with Jenny McCarthy and Pam Anderson sets the tone nicely, but it’s Anna Faris (one of only two returning cast members) who makes everything stick. She plays this kind of humor every bit as slick as Zucker vets, Charlie Sheen and Leslie Nielsen. Some jokes have a shelf life of about two weeks, but the comic gold of white boys rapping is timeless. Zucker’s staple pedophile jokes don’t play as well today as they did in Airplane! Still, SM3 is far better than its tacky mean-spirited predecessors. **1/2

~ by Number5ive on November 17, 2008.

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