Horror Hotel (1960) Reviewed

HORROR HOTEL aka City of the Dead (1960)
Christopher Lee doesn’t really star in this genuinely spooky witch flick, but he’s in it. A cute co-coed travels to a small Massachusetts village to research the local witch folklore (and she’s way hotter than Heather Donahue). Things don’t go as planned. There are some surprising twists and turns and the story rates as one of the best in its cinematic genre, though that’s not saying too much. It looks like special care was taken to make this movie look good – the fog, the noir lighting. Watch for some bizarre parallels to Psycho, which you’d assume was being ripped off – but they were made within a year of one another. Moody and eerie with plenty of well-crafted scares, HH is one of the only witch movies I’ll recommend without hesitation. Clips from it were used in the made-for-TV short film, Curse of the Blair Witch.

~ by Number5ive on November 25, 2008.

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