Horror of Party Beach (1964) Reviewed

ut on the original HoPB (double-billed with Curse of the Living Corpse)

The original HoPB poster (double-billed with Curse of the Living Corpse)

Toxic waste has created some awfully funny-looking monsters along Party Beach. After the hero’s girlfriend is dispatched following her drunken, beach dance-off swan song (!) we’re treated to a series of murkily-lensed creature attacks – the best of which sees the slaughter of a cabin full of camping teenage girls. The key to killing the monsters is discovered accidentally by the worst kind of black cinematic stereotype – the maid, Eulabelle, who becomes the movie’s frantic voice of reason. Despite some relatively shocking violence, these monsters look kind of like giant walking Muppets with a mouthful of bun-size hotdogs. The Del-Aires provide some inappropriately upbeat surf music that’s actually kind of good. Bad 60s sci-fi horror at it’s best, Party Beach is full of bizarre surprises and deliciously camp dialogue.

~ by Number5ive on November 25, 2008.

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