Jacob’s Ladder (1990) Reviewed

This notorious hallucinatory mind fuck places Nam vet, Tim Robbins, in the middle of the same twilight territory explored by Carnival of Souls. The dark imagery is truly disturbing and Robbins makes for a very sympathetic protagonist. It’s engrossing stuff until the last half hour drops the ball and loses its way. Most of the journey keeps you entertained and guessing. Danny Aeillo’s perf as a comforting chiropractor is suitably warm. Elizabeth Pena is sexy, sinister and she shows a little skin. And look! – There’s an uncredited Macaullay Culkin as a dead little boy! The Sixth Sense distilled this general concept and did it better, but this movie’s otherworldly demons are scarier than “dead people.” If you were thinking of watching this while high…bad call. **½

~ by Number5ive on November 30, 2008.

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