Malibu High (1979) Reviewed

Malibu High - 1979

High School senior, Kim, is not having a great year. Her boyfriend traded her in for a pretty rich girl, she’s flunking out and her middle-class teen disposable income is nil. How can she reverse her shitty luck? — Fucking teachers for grades and hooking for a greasy pimp is a good start. Before long, Kim is rollin’ in dough, driving a sweet new ride and spinning A’s from F’s without cracking a book. Once she trades her small time pimp for someone with a little more clout she’s suddenly packing heat and bumping off anyone who resists her charms or gets in her way. When her elderly principal gets wise, Kim flashes her tits, hides his nitros and instigates a fatal heart attack. Don’t blame Kim though. Finding one’s suicidal dad hanging by a cord would surely do a number on any impressionable youth. MH is slathered in all kinds of late-70s drive-in sleaze. Bad dialogue (“Who do you think I am? The late Howard Hughes?”), bad writing and lots of gratuitous teen nudity makes this quintessential retro drive-in awesomeness. A must see for fans of 70s sleaze.

~ by Number5ive on December 13, 2008.

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