Them (2008) Reviewed

Them (Ils) French poster art

Them (Ils) French poster art

THEM aka Ils ( 2008 )
Who’s stalking the young French couple in their remote Romanian vacation house? You don’t find out until  Them‘s epilogue and by then your nerves have been semi-effectively jangled by the 80-minute French home-invasion horror. Like in the similar American movie, The Strangers, our killer(s?) motives are mysterious, muted and ultimately inconsequential. With virtually no blood or gore, Them (like The Strangers) is a tight, efficiently scary movie which starts with a ominous bang and wastes no time delivering what is essentially a feature-length chase scene. While it most likely won’t hold up to repeat viewings (unlike The Strangers), Them delivers an evening’s worth of lean suspense without pretension or excess fat.

~ by Number5ive on December 26, 2008.

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