Elvis Meets Nixon (1997) Reviewed

Nixon and Elvis.

Nixon and Elvis.


A sweet little gem of a historical footnote. Whether it’s accurate or not, this fictionalized account of Elvis’ 24-hour jaunt from Memphis to Washington to L.A. then back to Washington — all so he can talk then-prez, Nixon (familiar character actor, Bob Gunton , giving an over-the-top Nixon performance second only to Dan Hedaya’s in Dick) into appointing him “Federal Agent-at-Large” in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Nixon agrees to the meeting as a desperate attempt to connect with America’s youth who’d already tuned Elvis out years prior. There are some dynamite exchanges here, particularly between E (Rick Peters giving my favorite Elvis portrayal to date) and some L.A. hippies who direct the King to his new album — in the “Oldies” bin. Dressed in a purple suit and cape, armed with multiple firearms and without an entourage for the first time since he was 21, the naive King of Rock ‘n’ Roll hops commercial flights and draws guns in donut shops. That much is true. It all leads to a sweetly hilarious meeting between Nixon and Presley, two icons who were standing at the brink of nearly simultaneous falls to disgrace. Dick Cavett narrates.
Watch a clip from Elvis Meets Nixon:

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