1408 – Reviewed

1408 (2007) Reviewed
John Cusack is the author of “haunted” travel guides who doesn’t believe in ghosts or much of anything after the death of his young son. When he’s enticed to visit a classy hotel with an off-limits supposedly-haunted suite, he becomes obsessed with debunking the myth of the guest-killing room 1408. Samuel L. Jackson is the hotel manager that attempts to talk him out of it. Despite some classic haunted house movie trappings, 1408is most effective in its first half before it flies of the rails with special effects and head-scratching logic. Cusack’s strong performance as a man whose heartbreak and guilt have turned him jaded and numb, makes things watchable, but the screenplay, from a Stephen King short story, revisits a lot of the same material as The Shining–but confined to one room rather than a whole hotel. Some old-school chills remain intact but a tighter second half could have made 1408 far more memorable than it is.
** 1/2

~ by Number5ive on March 16, 2009.

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