Trip with the Teacher (1975) Reviewed


On a camping trip a pretty young teacher and a handful of  her female students breakdown in the desert where they’re terrorized by couple of evil bikers who don’t come across as particularly menacing or bright. Despite the brief nudity and sleazy subject matter, there’s not nearly enough about TwtT that’s as off-putting as it probably should be. It plays out more like a cheap TV movie than the exploitive drive-in trash that it oughta’ be. Maybe this shouldn’t seem so surprising given the presence of straight-to-video “erotic thriller”  staple, Zalman King as the lead biker who sneers from behind a pair of fly-man Bono-esque shades. (King has made a directorial career of cranking out soft-core, not-so-shocking crap like The Red Shoe Diaries.) The tormented females here are neither sympathetic nor pitiable — just kinda soft and stupid–as they miss opportunity after opportunity to escape their captors. While far more homogenized than you’d expect given the plot synopsis, TwtT is still a fairly representative entry in the 70s drive-in exploitation cannon. Worth a look to fans of the genre but no one else.

~ by Number5ive on March 17, 2009.

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