Racket Girls (1951) Reviewed


Peaches Page (right), wrestling star of Racket Girls (aka Pin-Down Girl)

RACKET GIRLS aka Pin-Down Girl (1951)
The incomparable Peaches Page stars in this women’s wrestling flick about match-fixing gangsters and double-dealing promoters. Timothy Ferrell plays Scali, a character he played twice more in the unrelated The Devil’s Sleep and Dance Hall Racket. Page is larger than life and one tomato of a grappler. Her amateur status is evident though in matches where she repeats the same two maneuvers over and over. Clara Mortensen and Rita Martinez appear billed as themselves. They mostly wrestle while their dialogue is mercifully scant. Ferrell’s pencil-mustachioed sleaze ball is always fun to watch. Highlights include an “are-you-kidding-me?” scene in which a training Page jogs bralessly, a workout room full of catatonic non-athlete models lazily going through the motions of pantomimed exercise and a locker room rub-down that is surprisingly revealing for the period. This is vintage wrestling nostalgia for fans of the sport and a good introduction to the wonderful world of pre-G.L.O.W. women’s wrestling for everyone else. Available from Something Weird Video
See the trailer:

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