Return to Horror High (1987) Reviewed

(George Clooney doesn't want you to see...) "Return to Horror High"

(George Clooney doesn't want you to see...) "Return to Horror High"

The film-in-a-film concept used here was ahead of its time. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean it’s any good. A low-budget production of an unsolved true crime thriller is being shot at the scene of the actual crime – a high school. People start disappearing which must mean the real killer has returned. All of the characters are unlikeable. This is supposed to be a horror-comedy but it’s generally pretty unfunny. Familiar character actor, Alex Rocco, plays the producer. George Clooney plays a young actor who is killed in the first ten minutes. Maureen “Marcia Brady” McCormick has a weird turn as a perpetually aroused policewoman. The ending “revelation” is inconsistently fucked up compared to the rest of the pretty bland story. There are a few inventive moments, but not enough. It’s bad in a way that makes you unsure of when it’s joking. There are several quick shots of bare breasts. Rent Scream 3 instead; it’s essentially the same story.

See the trailer:

~ by Number5ive on March 20, 2009.

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