Club Dread (2004) Reviewed

“Comedy” troupe, Broken Lizard’s follow up to their stoner cult hit Super Troopers is an unfortunate step back. The plot – a bunch of idiots running an island hedonist singles resort and terrorized by the slasher among them – has comic potential but I barely laughed at all. Bill Paxton almost manages to save the film with his hippy-dippy take on a Jimmy Buffet-like washout who owns the island retreat. About halfway through the movie though you realize that it’s written as an “affectionate” homage to “parott heads”, which saps the venom of the plot’s singular working joke. Tacky, unlikable and bereft of any style, Dread may prove Broken Lizard to be a very lucky one-trick pony. *½

~ by Number5ive on April 2, 2009.

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