Carrie (TV 2002) Reviewed

CARRIE (TV, 2002)
About as unnecessary as they come – this made-for-network-television adaptation of the Steven King novel is supposed to follow the book more closely than the DePalma classic, but it doesn’t. Angela Bettis (May) is a solid choice in the title role but there is no direction to support her performance. Toothless and cringe-inducing, especially when it’s making pop-culture references that guarantee its shelf life. There are gratuitous references to e-mail and the Internet. This version’s Sue Snell is black. David Keith is a cop getting to the bottom of things in a lame framing device. The special effects are shoddy TV-budget CGI. Unbelievably, Carrie survives in the end and gets a ride to Florida from Sue(!). Patricia Clarkeson plays down the Mama White role, obviously to counter Piper Laurie’s performance from the original. To its credit, the prom finale somehow manages some small pay-off in the last act but most people won’t make it that far. The under-appreciated The Rage: Carrie 2 is actually far better.
* ½

~ by Number5ive on April 5, 2009.

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