The Defilers (1965) Reviewed

"...everything they touch is STAINED!"
“…everything they touch is STAINED!”

This David Freidman-penned sleazefest is deftly directed and acted and features more than it’s fair share of pervy shocks. Two young playboys get their kicks treating women like dogs. After wooing one naive blonde beauty with the promise of a party they lure her to the basement of an old warehouse – their rape den – tie her down and have their way with her on a dirty mattress. It’s twisted subject matter but not as shocking as it might sound to fans of the psycho-killer genre. Byron Mabe, as the more sadistic of the two troublemakers, was in the decidedly lighter nudist/horror flick, The Beast That Killed Women, the same year. There’s a nicely photographed night-lensed beach scene and some delicious sado-spanking that actually ends up turning one shapely victim on(!). This sharp-looking black and white gem is worth a look for fans of retro roughies and sicko sixties sleaze. It’s paired with Scum of the Earth on the Something Weird DVD. **1/2

~ by Number5ive on April 6, 2009.

One Response to “The Defilers (1965) Reviewed”

  1. I am a HUGE fan of Dave Friedman and The Defilers is one of my favorites of his movies. This one was a nice departure from the nudist colony and nudie-cutie movies that Dave had been making with HGL and is better than anything those two made together. It is great to see companies like Something Weird Video continue to take such loving care with the movies they put out, even though most of them are extremely obscure and not always in the greatest condition print wise

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