The Cocaine Fiends (1935) Reviewed

"...the pace that kills!"

"...the pace that kills!"

THE COCAINE FIENDS (aka The Pace That Kills) (1936)
This is probably my favorite of the 30’s drug scare films. It also belongs to the “what-else-could-possibly-be-wrong” genre. A drug dealer with the coppers on his tail ducks into a diner and pairs up with a Pollyanna of a waitress who wastes no time getting hooked on the “headache powder.” When big brother leaves home to find his wayward sister in the big city, things don’t go any better for him. There are some neat-o period nightclub scenes and some truly awful musical numbers. It plays like a straight-up movie sometimes – save the opening title card’s plea to America – there’s significantly less sermonizing here than you’d find in other scare flicks. And when it comes down to it, this isn’t a pot pic. A lot of what it has to say about cocaine is – ulp!- correct. If the unintentional hilarity of a downward spiral is your bag, you should do a line or two of this. CF is a public domain title available on countless labels.
Watch the trailer:

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