Big Top Pee-Wee ( 1988 ) Reviewed

Pee-Wee shares a tender moment with Vance the Talking Pig in "Big Top Pee-Wee"

Pee-Wee shares a tender moment with Vance the Talking Pig in "Big Top Pee-Wee"

BIG TOP PEE-WEE ( 1988 )
Pee-Wee Herman’s follow up to Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure was considered a disappointing bomb when released, but video and cable have garnered it a fair-sized following. BTP couldn’t be less like Big Adventure. Wacky farmer/scientist, Pee-Wee, grows hot dog trees in his greenhouse and has egg salad picnic lunches with main squeeze, Penelope Ann Miller. A circus comes to town but the grumpy townsfolk resist. Pee-Wee befriends the troupe and falls in love with acrobat star, Gina, played with sexy sincerity by Valeria Golino. His pet is a talking pig named Vance who, in his spare time, teaches the local children to mud wrestle(!). Kris Kristofferson is the ring leader and a still unknown Benicio DelToro is Duke the Dog-Faced Boy. Last time I checked, BTP still holds the record for longest cinematic kiss (between Pee-Wee and Golino). Though completely different in tone and execution, there are plenty of laughs in this overlooked kid-geared flick. Shortly after it’s release Pee-Wee’s alter-ego, Paul Rubens, was senselessly arrested for masturbating in a Sarasota porn theater thereby doing significant damage to the comedian’s career and dashing our hopes for another Pee-Wee movie. The director, Randal Kleiser, is also responsible for Blue Lagoon, Grease and The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. ** ½

Watch the pretty funny teaser trailer:

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