Blow Out (1981) Reviewed

Travolta in DePalma's "Blow Out" from 1981.

Travolta in DePalma's "Blow Out" from 1981.

In Brian DePalma’s alleged homage to Truffaut’s similarly titled, Blow Up, John Travolta is a movie studio sound guy who accidentally records a political assasination, while taping ambiance noise out in the middle of nowhere. When the government tries to dismiss the “bang” as a tire blow out, Travolta uses his tech savvy to isolate the sound as proof. A shrill but sweet Nancy Allen is the gum-chomping call girl that saw it all. Travolta is fine but it’s John Lithgow’s turn as the psychotic assasin that got my attention. He’s far scarier in this than he would be in DePalma’s Raising Cane several years later. Though entertaining, there aren’t enough surprises to qualify this for “thriller” status. Also, the shockingly abrupt surprise ending is really really horrible. Quentin Tarantino cited Travolta’s performance in BO as a reason he hired him for Pulp Fiction years later. 
** 1/2
Watch the original trailer:

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  1. In photos, my grandmother, when very young, reminds me of DePalma era Nancy Allen.

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