Castle of Blood (1964) Reviewed

Castle of Blood 

CASTLE OF BLOOD (aka Danza Macabra or Castle of Terror) (1964)
This Italian haunted house story has chills to spare. Based on Edgar Allen Poe’s Danse Macabre, it tells the story of a writer (George Riviere) who accepts a wager (from Poe himself!) to spend the night in the title location. He falls in love with a beautiful girl played by the striking Barbara Steele. Unfortunately she’s been dead for years but condemned to the castle, where once a year (coincidentally the night our hero plans his sleepover) all of the ghosts in the house – roughly five or six—repeat their grisly deaths all over again. Characters and scenes that seem real disappear when Riviere looks away, like they’d never existed at all. The echoes of death are unsettling and the humorless morbidity of it all is pretty damn effective. Unfortunately it’s often too dark (literally). It’s murky cinematography works against it. The twist(ed) ending was a refreshing surprise. Steele is super sexy and boasts some hefty scoop-fulls of cleavage. See this one.
Watch the trailer:

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