Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) Reviewed

Catwomen of the Moon
(aka Cat-Women of the Moon in  3D) (1953)
Sonny Tufts, Marie Windsor, Victor Jory and two others man the first rocketship to the moon, which is inhabited by, as it turns out, beautiful, cave-dwelling, cat-suited women with names like Alpha, Beta and Theta. As is the case with most women in movies like this (Wild Women of Wongo, Pagan Island, Queen of Space, et. al.), they don’t trust men. After a giant spider attack in their cavernous lair, they hypnotically control Windsor, take the crew’s space suits, do a sexy little dance number and, surprise-surprise, one of them falls in love with an earth man. Fifties’ “future” space talk is hilarious. Jory’s performance is outrageously over-the-top. CWotM3D was available from Rhino on VHS for years with a lousy 3-D transfer to duplicate it’s original release. Best to watch the 2D b&w version. This was remade in 1958 as Missile to the Moon. The music is by Elmer Bernstein(!).
Watch the entire “Cat-Women of the Moon” on YouTube (part one) HERE.

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