Revenge of the Creature (1955) Reviewed

Return of the Creature lobby card

Return of the Creature lobby card

This, the first of two sequels to Creature of the Black Lagoon, has the gill man captured and brought back to civilization. He’s contained, resuscitated and trained by negative reinforcement (electric shocks) at a Sea World-type them park. Naturally he escapes and wreaks havoc. John Agar is the level-headed zoologist and Lori Nelson is the pretty ichthyologist who inadvertently steals the creature’s heart. This creature story makes him even more pitiable than last time and t’s hard to be afraid of someone who clearly just wants to be left alone. Watch for a very young Clint Eastwood in his brief scene as a lab technician. Spirited and upbeat, Revenge is fun to watch but not nearly as thrilling as its predecessor. Both this and Black Lagoon were directed by Jack Arnold. Watch them back to back and the story is essentially King Kong with water. Mystery Science Theater 3000 took a crack at RotC in its first Mike Nelsono season. The next sequel, The Creature Walks Among Us is far darker. All three movies were filmed and originally released in 3-D. Though I’ve seen Creature in 3-D several times, I’d love the opportunity to see its sequels restored to their original 3 dimensions.
** ½
See the original Universal trailer:

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