The Blob (1958) Reviewed

" creeps, and leaps, and glides, and slides across the floor..."

" creeps, and leaps, and glides, and slides across the floor..."

BLOB, THE ( 1958 )
A twentysomething Steve McQueen plays high school nice guy, Steve in one of the most well known monster movies in sci-fi history. Shot almost entirely at a Christian retreat, The Blob has innocence at its core that prevents it from ever becoming very scary. But that’s okay because in addition to anamorphic red goo, we have the famous movie theater scene and the revelation of death by CO2 fire extinguishers. McQueen, in his first film role, is immensely likable. The plot, which has the town adults unshakably indifferent to the “rebel” teenagers’ warnings about “a monster” that has fallen from the sky, was a pretty fresh concept at the time. By the time parents and authorities finally take note, the Blob has already ravaged half the town and draped itself over the local diner. With a nicely paced story and all-around good performances The Blob has plenty going for it despite its shortcomings in the “shock” department. One of the film’s teenagers makes reference to the midnight “spook show” adding authenticity to what now also functions as a charming glimpse of a simpler time. ** ½

Dig that craaaazy opening theme song:

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