The Children (1980) Reviewed

"...pray you never meet them!"
“…pray you never meet them!”

CHILDREN, THE (aka The Children of Ravensback) (1980) 
I caught this disturbing obscurity for the first time while watching USA Network’s Saturday Nightmares show as a kid in the 80s– and it made an impression. A busload of blank-eyed, severly not-right-looking children turn into parent-frying zombies after their school bus drives through some orange toxic fog. The little monsters look very goth with their vacant expressions and black fingernails– nails that they dig into adults causing them to burn up like tissue paper! How can they be stopped? By cutting off their little hands, of course. It’s a sick, perverse and ultra-creepy concept that actually defies expectations by being completely unpridictable. Too bad it’s so ugly and amateurish. You’ll either laugh or walk away feeling icky. A similarly-themed horror movie with the same title came out in 2008 but is unrelated as far as I can tell.
See the original 1980 TV spot:

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