Crash (1996) Reviewed

French poster for David Cronenberg's "Crash"

French poster for David Cronenberg's "Crash"

CRASH (1996)
David Cronenberg’s ode to automobile eroticism introduces us to a handful of weirdoes who get off on disfiguring car accidents. Considering the subject matter, Crash is extremely boring and perhaps the least interesting Cronenberg movie I’ve seen. When James Spader has a pretty severe wreck he becomes involved with the other car’s driver (Holly Hunter). She wastes no time introducing him to an entire sub-culture devoted to the sexual implications of crunched steel. Rosanna Arquette wears an enormous brace and invites Spader to fuck her in an open wound(!). The movie is filled with lots of similar gross-outs, but the shock value dwindles rapidly. Crash is a big pretentious bummer despite some promising exploitation trappings. The concept of re-enacting the fatal car crashes of dead celebrities is fun and there’s a nice Jayne Mansfield shout-out. Crash won a prize for “most audacious” at Cannes Film Festival but only after being booed by most of the festival’s audience. Audacious is probably the kindest and most appropriate adjective to describe Crash. A better-respected (but not necessarily better) crime drama of the same name came out in 2002 and is unrelated.
* ½

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  1. Saw this with my father at the theater. Talk about uncomfortable. Tho it could have been worse: I could have seen it with my mother. Bizarre Cronenberg weirdness with some occasional flashes of former greatness (the re-enactment of the Dean car crash I remember as good), though I’ve never felt the urge to rewatch.

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