Embrace of the Vampire (1994) Reviewed

If you recognize the title you know why this movie is worth buying on DVD: a pre-Charmed, post-Danza Alyssa Milano…naked. It wouldn’t have the same impact now as when it came out (straight to video of course) when I was in college. Back then no one had seen her since Who’s the Boss? And we’re not talking one scene brother. There are several well-lit topless scenes. The vampire story is incidental and not very good. Milano looks like a vampire’s old flame from another time so he starts popping up all over campus and seducing her right out of her clothes much to the consternation of her boyfriend. What’s Jennifer Tilly doing here anyway? The director and Milano worked together on Poison Ivy 2 also. There are R and un-rated versions of this. Choose wisely.
For face-value entertainment: * ½. For a historical slice of celebrity nudity: *** ½

~ by Number5ive on April 17, 2009.

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