The Eye (2002) Reviewed

2002's Japanese Horror Flick, "The Eye"

EYE, THE (2002)
The creative forces behind the original Japanese The Ring are responsible for this effective chiller that manages to shock despite a pretty familiar story structure. A young woman who’s been blind since her very early childhood receives a corneal transplant that leaves her with the unenviable power to see…well, dead people. Whether it’s riffing on the glut of other similarly plotted films or a victim of bad timing is unclear, but some powerful visuals and visceral blasts of shocking violence keep you paying attention. All in all, an artsy genre flick that delivers the goods with style and above-average writing. The inevitable American remake, starring Jessica Alba, arrived in 2008 to almost complete disinterest.

~ by Number5ive on July 28, 2009.

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