The Endless Summer (1966) Reviewed

Bruce Brown's "The Endless Summer"
Bruce Brown’s “The Endless Summer”

Top shelf surfer nostalgia. I first caught this on cable one cold winter night and was charmed and fascinated. It’s a documentary that follows three surfers as they cross the globe following the summer season to places like Africa and New Zealand. As a travel log it’s exceptional and it single-handedly made me feel interested in surfing. Some of the photography holds up as breathtaking even by today’s standards and this was shot on a shoestring budget in the 60s. The actual action is hypnotizing and the photography is probably the best of it’s era for this sort of thing. Director Bruce Brown supplies the narration and it’s charming stuff. (Though, some of the Euro-centric goofing on the “cannibals” of Africa is a little wince-inducing today — a minor quibble given the period.) Overall, a good remedy for rainy days and seasonal depression I’m guessing. The Sandals supply the beach-bum ballady surf sound. Brown returned with an acclaimed sequel doc in 1994.

Here’s one of my favorite sequences from The Endless Summer:

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