Wrong Turn (2003) Reviewed

Good intentions and able cast (Jeremy Cisto and Eliza Dushku) aside, this is a pretty standard slasher flick. A group of college kids break down in West Virginia and end up doing battle with inbred mutants that lurk in the woods. Could be considered horribly offensive to –oh, say anyone living in West Virginia – but to no rewarding ends. The first half builds some nice tension but things come unraveled when the killing starts; it’s strictly by the numbers from there. There are some nice set pieces and some 70s nostalgia built into the plot, which greedily cribs from Deliverance and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Sigh. Don’t they all?). Cabin Fever came out shortly after this, explored similar territory and also failed at the box office. Of the two, this ranks slightly superior. Sequels followed.

~ by Number5ive on February 11, 2010.

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