Halloween II (1981) Reviewed

John Carpenter should be ashamed of having anything to do with (co-writing) this sequel. The direct follow-up to one of the greatest horror movies in history plays just like the rip-offs it would inspire forever. Taking up right where part one left off, Michael Myers is still chasing Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie. Most of the action takes place in a hospital and Laurie limps around doing that warbley Jamie Lee cry. To explain why Myers is now preoccupied with Curtis specifically, the contrivance of making them siblings is established (There’s no explanation for why he’s killing everyone else of course.). It feels forced and there’s no hint of it in the original, but it would lay the groundwork for the rest of the sequels (‘cept III). For a mindless killing The Shape is pretty evasive and sneaky. There’s a good surprise hit and run that’s attached to a nice in-joke gag in the last reel. A woman’s face is boiled in a therapeutic hot tub. Donald Pleasance digs his heels in for two more sequels – a twilight career spent doing monologues about “pure eeevil!” As early-80s horror goes, this is pretty standard. As a follow-up to Halloween, it absolutely sucks.

~ by Number5ive on February 19, 2010.

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