House (1986) Reviewed

HOUSE (1986)
William Katt (aka The Greatest American Hero) moves into the old house he’s inherited from his aunt to write a novel based on his experiences in Vietnam. Before long he’s pestered by unexplained occurrences all generated, evidently, from the house itself. There’s a blue-faced hag and Richard Moll (Night Court’s Bull) as a menacing ‘nam soldier zombie. George Wendt (Cheers’ Norm) steals a few scenes as s a nosy neighbor who assists Katt in combating his demons (Strangely, fellow Cheers-alum John “Cliff” Ratzenberg plays a similar comedic role in the sequel.). For a horror-comedy (very difficult to pull off) House does all right, though there are some  tonal problems. Katt makes a sympathetic hero and would return in a different but similar role in the confusingly titled, House IV. House was followed by the essentially unrelated House II: The Second Story, which was followed by the absolutely unrelated Horror Show which was released overseas as House III: The Horror Show, which was followed by the aforementioned straight-to-video House IV – which confused U.S. audiences who didn’t know a House III ever existed. Got it?

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