The Fiend of Dope Island (1961) Reviewed

“Yugoslavian bombshell” Tania Velia

Hard stuff for 1961 even in the realm of exploitation – but leave it to producer David Friedman. A tropical Caribbean island serves as a drug and gun-running port for a blustery bull-headed ass (or fiend as it were) that rules his slave labor with an iron fist and a leather bullwhip. There’s dissent among the rank and file smugglers though and when “Yugoslavian bombshell” Tania Velia shows up as entertainment (complete with surprising nudity!), all hell breaks loose. Legitimately suspenseful and deliciously over-the-top, Fiend has everything a guy like me could want- pot, guns, scantily clad dancing girls, jungle locals and lots of hand-to-hand combat. Fairly dark but a fun watch and a happy ending saves the day. The Cramps used the title for one of their albums.

~ by Number5ive on February 19, 2010.

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