Gummo (1997) Reviewed

GUMMO (1997)
Talk about your style over substance, this mostly incoherent movie produces some interesting visuals but not much else. Xenia, Ohio was hit by a serious tornado in the seventies and was left economically devastated afterwards…except not really. (I grew up near Xenia and there was a tornado but it’s still a nice place to live.) There are: retarded suburban teen hookers, kids killing cats, kids killing grandma and a boy in pink bunny ears. It’s gained a cult following in the vein of Eraserhead, meaning it’s really only good for the shock value and gross-outs. Pssst — Harmony Korin is a hack and Gummo is pretentious, dreary crap.

~ by Number5ive on February 22, 2010.

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